Slovakia Hotel

• It is the most comfortable hotel • direct in house – 2 floors-WellMed area ( including indoorpool), direct connection to all medical treatmants in spa hotel KRYM, medical examination and meals in the hotel, as well as direct connection with the outdoor swimming pool Grand • Guests can use doublerooms and suites in the category Comfort: • Suites Renovated suitesn with balconies are equipped with: TV-sat, radio, telephone, refrigerator, airconditioning, safe, hairdryer, bathrobes, WC, shower, livingroom and bedroom.

Health Spa Trenčianske Teplice

Health Spa Trenčianske Teplice j.s.c. belongs to one of the oldest and most visited spas in Slovakia. It is mainly due to the excellent natural sulphurous thermal water and its romantic location. Medical care in Trenčianske Teplice has a long tradition, the first written notice about the spa is from 1247. A wide range of various methods in physiotherapy and rehabilitation is being applied in addition to thermal water at present. The health spa is specialised in treatment and prevention of the motion apparatus disorders, some civilisation diseases, psoriasis and diseases caused by occupation.

Minimum length of stay : 7 or More nights
Number of treatments per stay : 14 or More (2Per Night)
Medical examination : initial and final medical examination
Nature of treatments : thermal bath, classical massage, oxygen therapy, infrared sauna, dry carbonic bath - biobag, peat pack, sea mud

KRYM Hotel

comfortable spa hotel with the largest capacity of beds is located in the centre of the pedestrianzone. All medical treatmants available, medical examination and meals in the hotel, as well as direct connection with the outdoor swimming pool Grand Direct connection to hotel Slovakia with 2 floors WellMed area Guests can use double rooms and suites in the following categories: Comfort and Standard

Pearl of the Carpathian Mountains – romantic natural surroundings

The spa town is situated in the western part of Slovakia in the middle of a 17 km long valley.The surrounding forested slopes and ideal protected location of the spa create favourable conditions for whole-year operation of the spa as well as many leisure activities. Trenčianske Teplice belongs to one of the few spas that have preserved the natural character of a spa town. It is mostly thanks to its location that the well-known novelist Móric Jókai named it the„Pearl of the Carpathian Mountains" in the 19th century. A large spa park with a lake and the surrounding natural scenery is the best place for a rest and relaxation. Inspite of its „romantic location" the spa has an excellent transport access – it is located only 10 km from the highway exit /Nemšová-TrenčianskeTeplice/.


According to a legend, the healing thermal springs were discovered by a lame shepherd looking for his lost sheep. When searching the sheep, he found a lake with sulphuric odour. After a few baths he noticed that the sheep was getting better, so he decided to bath in the thermal water of the lake, too. The reputation of the miraculous water thus began to spread. Suff ering ill people came from all sides to bath in the healing water of the springs. The fi rst record of the thermal springs is from 1247. During the 13th and 16th centuries Trenčianske Teplice and the thermal springs were owned by the rulers of the Trenčin castle. It is assumed that the springs should have been known to the Quad tribes and to the Roman legions in the 2nd century AD. The greatest contribution to the development of the spa was brought by Illeshazy family who owned the spa for 241 years. At that time, it was one of the leading spas in Austro - Hungarian monarchy. In 1835 the spa was bought by Viennese banker Georg Sina who rebuilt and modernised it. His son Simon built a hotel and expanded the spa park, in 1888 his daughter Iphigenie let built the most valuable monument, preserved up to the present – the oriental Hammam, close to the warmest spring Sina.

سرمایه گذاری و اخذ اقامت

سرمایه گذاری و اخذ اقامت در کشورهای اروپایی را با شرکت آریا فیروزه آرمان تجربه نمائید . کارشناسان این شرکت با تجربیات موفق طی سالیان اخیر موفق به اخذ اقامت برای هموطنان مان در کشورهای اروپایی شده اند .